Nature Blog

We are getting more and more estranged from nature. Without a doubt. Electronics are sucking us in more and more. I am as guilty as the next person of having my nose stuck in my phone screen scrolling aimlessly through friends’ posts.

But there is a quite revolution underfoot, being led by mothers on all continents of trying to raise children that are in tune with nature and fascinated by it. A lot of the groundbreaking work is done by mothers who homeschool their children, using the Waldorf method or the Charlotte Mason method, or just raising a “wild child”. But the movement is not restricted just to homeschoolers. I don’t homeschool my child, but I’m totally interested, open and receptive to the ideas these movements teach.

I love spending the weekend outdoors with my family, playing nature scavenger hunts (that we’ve designed ourselves) or just stopping an taking notice of the fascinating details and changes taking place in nature with each season.

Children love learning new information, and I truly believe that nurturing a love of nature in children is best done through nature games and activities. I’ve noticed that my daughter gets bored when we just have a relaxing hike. But give her an activity, such as a seasonal scavenger hunt, and she is alert, engaged and open to receive all knowledge that nature has to impart on her.

This nature blog is dedicated to finding engaging and creative ways to nurture a love for nature in children.