Spring Scavenger Hunt (free download)

My daughter and I went for a walk this morning, and it’s undeniable – spring is in the air. You can see signs of spring everywhere. So, it’s time to bring out one of my favorite activities from my nature tool box – the spring nature scavenger hunt page (aka “nature bingo”).

If you are like me, you get very excited when you see signs of seasonal transitioning and changing seasons. On our walk today we spotted so many different catkins (and it gave me a good educational moment to explain to my daughter that catkins are pollinated by wind and appear on trees before the first leaves, which block wind and hinder wind pollination). We also spotted snowdrops, lots of perching birds, some insects, and, unfortunately, a couple of squished frogs (but such is the cycle of life).

I love nature scavenger hunts. If you have read my winter scavenger hunt post (and free printable), you’d probably know that I credit nature scavenger hunts with sparking my daughter’s interest and love of nature.

Kids have an incredible capacity for spotting details and being fascinated by the tiniest details. And nature scavenger hunts are a great way to tap into that skill, spark their curiosity, and turn any outing in nature into a nature detective game.

Nature scavenger hunts are an easy, low-prep way to teach kids about nature, without it seeming like a lesson. By noticing details and seasonal changes, kids begin to explore and observe nature, which in turn creates an on-going excitement to be in nature, and a desire to understand the cycles and processes of nature better.

Free Winter Scavenger Hunt Download

Here is free printout of my Spring Nature Scavenger Hunt to take on your outings. This is activity appears in my publication My Nature Journal , a journal and nature log book for kids that lets them keep track of their nature adventures with fun activities. I’m sharing the nature scavenger hunt printout here for free because I know from personal experience how much kids enjoy seasonal nature scavenger hunts and bingo-type games. And I want you to introduce this great activity to your kids as well. Enjoy!

Spring nature scavenger hunt bingo. Free printable from The Science Women. Use it to explore the first signs of spring with your children outdoors and turn them into nature detectives.

And why not get a free copy of my Nature Explorer’s Scavenger Hunt Song (download for free here) to go along with you winter scavenger hunt activities? It’s a wonderful ditty that I came up with that we sing on nature scavenger hunts that gets us in the mood to use all our senses to listen, observe and explore. It’s also ideal for using on your homeschool nature wall.

Where to buy a copy of My Nature Journal

You can learn more about My Nature Journal and the fun activities it includes here. Or if you are interested in purchasing it, you can find it on Amazon.

My Nature Journal

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