Holiday Gift Guide for Girls Who Love Magic

Christmas is almost upon us, and, as any parent, my thoughts have turned to gifts. And while my education is firmly rooted in science, I’m not opposed to a bit of magic. After all, scientific exploration and discovery requires a healthy dose of wonder and curiosity, both qualities that magic-themed books and make-belief games develop.

So it’s without hesitation that I plan to indulge my 7-year-old daughter’s current fascination with magic and witches. This is my holiday gift list of toys, games, activities, and chapter books that I plan to get her for Christmas. It’s a mix of items that, I hope, will engage her curiosity and spark her imagination.

Holiday gift guide for girls aged 7-11 who love magic and witches. A list of books, activities, games and props that are on my gift list for Christmas.
All the magical gifts I’m planning to get for my 7-year-old girl this Christmas. As you can tell, she loves witches and magic.
  1. My Magic Journal – love the cute little witch illustrations on the cover of this series of activity books. This is a diary to write little secrets in. How cute.
  2. My First Spell Book – this is another one in the series. Looks like a fun activity where my daughter can invent and write her own magic spells, and draw pictures to go with them. Perfect for developing her imagination.
  3. A magical unicorn jewelry box – what little girl doesn’t dream of a musical jewelry box. Perfect for collecting all the little trinkets that are special to her.
  4. A magic school doll uniform for her 18″ doll – twinning squad goals! My daughter loves dressing up her dolls and she’ll be so excited about this Hogwarts-like school uniform for her American Girl doll. I can just picture all the magic school games she will be playing.
  5. A wooden magic wand – my daughter has a plastic wand that breaks in a different place every second week. We have repaired it several times, but it’s time for a well-made wooden wand. I love the gentle pastel colors of these.
  6. A whimsical pencil case with magical symbols – little girls love pencil cases, zippered pouches, and little bags to put things in. This is just one of the many wonderful witch- and magic-themed pencil cases on Redbubble.
  7. Harry Potter Labyrinth game – we love family game night and are always looking for new games. My daughter loves Harry Potter, and Labyrinth is a great strategy game, so this seems like a winning combination.
  8. Dragonwood game – we own several Gamewright games and love them (Rat-a-tat-cat and Sleeping Queens, among others). This one has a magical enchanted forest theme and comes highly rated.
  9. Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar – what can be better than combining the magic of Christmas with the magic of Harry Potter? I’m secretly excited to be opening these with my daughter. What a great way to lead up to Christmas and to get her excited for the holiday.
  10. Lego Harry Potter Clock Tower – my daughter loves building with Lego. And I like it when she plays with Lego because it develops so many useful skills – following directions, spatial perception, problem solving, and, when she starts inventing her own buildings – creativity and imagination.
  11. The Worst Witch – reading about magical worlds is a fantastic way to develop kids’ imagination. Since we have all of the Harry Potter books, I’ve added 3 girl-witch books to the Christmas list. This one is a classic.
  12. No Such Thing as a Witch – this book I discovered in my search for witch books and comes highly rated. I can’t wait to read it with my daughter.
  13. Witch Wars – a brand new series, this looks like a lot of fun. And has a fun twist to the concept of witches.

Perfect – 13 gifts for a little witch! Hope you find this list helpful for your own budding young witch.