Mistakes Are My Superpower (free coloring pages printable)

A coloring book for confidence and self-reliance

Mistakes Are My Superpower is our newest “growth mindset” publication. It teaches kids that making mistakes is okay, and that they should not be afraid to make mistakes.

The idea for this coloring book came about as a result of some learning struggles my daughter was facing. Whenever she’d make a mistake, she would shut down and give up. As adults, we know that making mistakes is okay, but kids tend to not see mistakes in the same way. Most kids are afraid to make mistakes. And that impedes their learning process.

I wanted to find a way to explain to her that making mistakes is a natural part of learning, and that mistakes are actually a really good thing: they are signals that we need to study or practice more, they give us an opportunity to improve, and they help us learn how to overcome setbacks (among a number of other very useful things). In a way, embracing mistakes changes our mindset, and makes mistakes our learning superpower.

Mistakes Are My Superpower is a Growth Mindset coloring book that teaches kids that making mistakes is okay and a natural part of the learning process. It helps kids gain confidence in their abilities and develop a positive outlook. Recommended for ages 6-8.

So I came up with the coloring book Mistakes Are My Superpower – a book that shows kids all the cool ways mistakes are good and useful. By learning why it’s okay to make mistakes, kids develop a positive outlook, gain more confidence in their abilities, and start to understand that learning is a dynamic process.

FREE Coloring Pages : Try out Mistakes Are My Superpower

Below you can download two coloring pages from the book as freebies to try it out. All the coloring pages in the book feature kid-friendly, easy-to-relate-to reasons why mistakes are so useful. Plus, they are full of fun, intricate coloring details that will delight kids.

Download two free coloring pages from the growth mindset book "Mistakes Are My Superpower". The book teaches a positive outlook and shows kids that making mistakes is okay and good. Ideal for ages 6-8.

Where to buy Mistakes Are My Superpower

The complete coloring book is available at Amazon. The book was developed and recommended for ages 6-8.

Buy the growth mindset coloring book "Mistakes Are My Superpower" at Amazon. Ideal for ages 6-8.

Mistakes Are My Superpower is a coloring book that lets kids know it’s okay to make mistakes.

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