Growth Mindset Publications

Growth mindset is such an important concept. Thanks to our own life experiences, most of us grownups have come to rely on a growth mindset to navigate life and succeed. But for kids, a growth mindset comes naturally for some activities (such as learning to walk or ride a bike), but not so naturally for other activities, such as learning to read or doing math.

Kids are relentless when pursuing an activity they enjoy (or an activity they think will bring them lots of joy once they master it). Take for example biking. Kids employ all the growth mindset tools when trying to learn how to bike – determination, resilience and optimism (among many other). They don’t give up until they learn, and employ a “not yet” attitude during the process of learning.

So the trick is, how do we take those skills that kids possess naturally and teach them to apply the same positive mindset to other task – especially school and academics tasks?

Honeybee School Press publishes a wide selection of growth mindset books for kids. Workbooks to develop self confidence and goal-setting. And coloring books that teach kids a growth mindset vocabulary and why making mistakes is a natural part of learning.

I have published several workbooks to help kids deal with overcoming a fixed mindset. All of the publications have grown and developed out of my own personal experience with challenges that my daughter has faced. As with most of us, my daughter’s main challenge while learning is her own mind and its internal negative self-talk. That is why I developed various resources to help build her confidence in herself, improve her outlook, and teach her to be positive.

Growth Mindset Workbooks

My Journal for Dreaming Big

My Journal for Dreaming Big is a growth mindset workbook full of guided activities designed to show kids that they already possess all the skills necessary to develop a growth mindset and succeed. This workbook is also used by teachers in classrooms to teach a growth mindset.

My Journal of Dreaming big is a workbook for children that helps develop the skills necessary for a growth mindset. The activities contained in the book show kids that they already have the skills to succeed and guide them through developing a more open outlook and attitude.

My Journal of Goals

My Journal of Goals is a guided journal that kids can use to track their goals. Goal-setting is an invaluable life skill. From goal-setting to goal completion, this journal helps children visualize their goals and achieve them.

Learning to set goals and achieve them is a valuable life skill. The growth mindset workbook "Mu Journal of Goals" is a guided log that helps kids track their goals and visualize them.

Growth Mindset Coloring Books

Growth Mindset Vocabulary Coloring Book

G is for Grit is a growth mindset coloring book designed to teach kids a growth mindset vocabulary. Each coloring page contains a word that encourages kids to expand their mindset and develop a positive attitude.

G is for Grit is a growth mindset vocabulary coloring book designed to give kids the words they need to develop a growth mindset, a positive outlook and a can-do attitude.

Mistakes Are My Superpower – A coloring book to build confidence and self-reliance

Mistakes Are My Superpower is a coloring book that helps kids understand that making mistakes is okay. The book is full of kid-friendly messages that tell kids all the great reasons they should not be afraid to make mistakes. From being signals that we need to learn more, to understanding that mistakes lead to new discoveries, this coloring book encourages a positive attitude, self-confidence and resilience.

Mistakes Are My Superpower is a coloring book that shows kids that making mistakes is a good thing and that mistakes are a natural part of the learning process. Rather than avoiding mistakes, kids should learn from them. The book teaches self-confidence and resilience.

The book is lovingly designed with kids in mind. The motivational quotes are kid-friendly, and easy to understand and relate to. And each coloring page is filled with lots of interesting pictures and details that will delight kids. These coloring pages have been test-driven by my daughter and get an unbiased “thumbs up”. She loves all the details to color and I’m sure all other kids would love them too.

Try out Mistakes Are My Superpowers by downloading two free coloring pages from the book.

To give you a taste of this wonderful coloring book, I’m providing two pages from the book as a freebie.

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